About Us

The California Young Democrats is the official youth arm of the California Democratic Party, comprised of progressive people ages 13-35. The California Young Democrats are committed to creating a bloc of young voters who will elect Democrats for an entire generation. Using proven peer to peer campaign methods, Young Democrats have made significant differences in races all over California. Young Democrats in California work every day to promote social justice, women’s rights, peace and stability in the world, and other progressive values.

A chapter of the California Young Democrats and Young Democrats of America.

Jonathan Bas​​h – President
Jonathan is a public relations and issue advocacy consultant with a focus on campaigns that improve public health, protect the environment or elect good people to office. He also serves as the Chair of the Martinez Civil Service Commission and is a proud resident of the city’s thriving downtown. He hopes to build the Contra Costa Young Democrats into a thriving organization that gives local young people the space to network and grow into strong advocates, activists and elected officials.


Rebecca Barrett – Vice President​ for Internal Operations​
With over ten years of campaign experience, Becca is looking forward to working to build a lasting organization that trains the next generation of progressive organizers in Contra Costa. When not in a campaign office or call time, Becca is reading history books, traveling, taking photographs, or let’s be real… watching lots of Netflix.


​Ryan Apperson – Vice President for External Affairs
Ryan is an attorney, husband, father, and elder-millenial. He has broad experience working to support the labor unions, is a current California Delegate for AD 14, and an experience board member of the Contra Costa Young Democrats. After sitting at a desk all day, he likes to get outdoors. When he’s not helping organize for the Democrats, you can find him hiking, fishing, biking or snowboarding.
​C​olleen ​​Isenberg – Secretary
I am a California native and a UC Irvine alumni, who followed her political dreams to Washington DC in 2007. I worked on campaign mail across the country. I returned to California in 2009 and eventually moved to Contra Costa County in 2011.
I have worked for electeds on every level of government from the county to the House of Representatives throughout Contra Costa. Everyday I get to work in a field I am passionate about and help connect constituents to the government that is meant to serve them.
I have been a member of Contra Costa Young Dems for the last five years.
Jerome Pandell – Treasurer
Jerome is a retired professional ventriloquist from Danville, California.  A graduate of Northwestern University (GO ‘CATS!) and U.C. Hastings College of the Law, Jerome’s favorite politicians include: (1) that skinny guy with a funny name from the South Side of Chicago; (2) Eric Swalwell; (3) Nancy Pelosi; and (4) the legendary California legislator who said, “If you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, and then come in here the next day and vote against them, you don’t belong here.”
Heather Greven – Political​ Advocacy​ Director
Heather Greven has been winning hearts, minds, and elections since 2008.She is back on the campaign trail for 2018 as Campaign Manger for Andrew Janz who is the Democratic challenger to Devin Nunes in the DCCC targeted 22nd Congressional District of California, Her goals: find and execute strategic campaign solutions, elect Democrats up and down the ballot, and make the world a better place. A California native and graduate of CSU East Bay with a B.A. in Political Science, she has served as a campaign manager and field director in key California state legislative and congressional races and currently serves as political director for the Contra Costa Young Democrats.
​Sean Trambley – Communications Director
Sean Trambley is a seasoned communications and policy professional who recently returned home to Martinez and Contra Costa County after nearly 10 years of public service and advocacy in Washington, DC. Sean spent nearly six years on Capitol Hill working for former Congressman Dennis Cardoza (D-Merced) serving as his Communications Director & Legislative Assistant. In 2014, he joined the Democracy Initiative as the Sr. Communications Strategist, where he built a comprehensive communications and messaging program for a coalition of 60 environment, labor, and civil rights organizations committed to money in politics reform and expanding voting rights. Since returning to California and joining the Contra Costa Young Democrats, he continues to work passionately to advance Democratic and progressive goals at all levels.
​Brenna Maillet – L​egislative Advocacy Director
Brenna joined the Contra Costa Young Democrats as a starry-eyed UC Santa Cruz graduate in late 2015 and learned a lot about grassroots organizing from joining the CoCo Young Dems and getting involved in state and federal campaigns in the 2016 election cycle. Though she works as a volunteer coordinator at the East Bay SPCA, she is equally focused on human and animal rights, and wants to continue her time with CCYD to make politics increasingly accessible to the young adults in our county that are affected by local and state policy every day. Brenna spends most of her time scoping out dogs on the street, yelling about the importance of comprehensive public transit to anyone who will listen, and constantly starting new video games while never finishing old ones.
Victor Tiglao – Membership Director
America’s Sweetheart, Victor Benedict Tiglao, was elected into the Board as our first membership director. His involvement in local politics began as one of Contra Costa Young Democrats’s Voter Registration fellows, a project that registered more than 10,000 voters. He went on to work as an intern for Hillary Clinton and Mae Cendaña Torlakson during the 2016 election. There’s no denying Victor’s passion to serve and work for the public good, as evidenced by his leadership as president of College Park High School’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance (2013-2016), which grew to become the largest high school LGBT club in the county. As our membership director, Victor is focused on increasing and diversifying our membership, and the empowerment of young people through politics.
Gian Panetta – Fundraising Director
Gian is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science. A recent success he has had within the business is being promoted to Account Manager. His short-term goals include leading his own team and becoming a mentor to new team members. Gian’s long-term goals include wanting to go back to school and further his education. During his free time, Gian loves to read Moral Psychology/Social Psychology and investigating the interworking’s of the United States political system. A fun fact about himself is that he ran a 4:38 mile in high school and he has family history in the U.S. Capitol.
N’dea Johnson – Student Outreach Director​​
As student outreach director and being one of the youngest on the board N’dea hopes to transform the club by bringing in fresh faces from the excited young crowd of aspiring politically active teens. In her free time she loves to hike and explore new places.
Rose Philipps -​ ​Social Activities Coordinator
Rose has been a member of the Contra Costa Young Democrats since 2015. She started volunteering in politics at the for Obama for America CA State Headquarters in Los Angeles in 2008 and since then has supported the Democratic Party in various ways. Her enthusiasm and optimism brings a positive outlook to any political campaign. She works in public health and when not working, she is playing tennis, practicing the piano or ​scrapbooking.
​Erica Chase​ – Digital Media Coordinator
A new board member in a new board position, Erica is excited to help expand the digital footprint of the Contra Costa Young Democrats. When not fighting for a better government, Erica enjoys knitting, traveling, and attempting to garden.